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Gaza doctors deliver baby after mother dies

Amongst death, there is life. With a drastically rising death toll, there is an unlikely survivor. God bless the Gaza doctors who performed an emergency cesarean to save this baby after her mother was killed.

A beautiful tragedy - her mother never saw her, never held her, not once. 

I was so upset when I posted about this (both simultaneously heart-wrenching and heart-warming) story yesterday and the fact that it got no more than 2 paragraphs worth of mention. I’m glad Al Jazeera followed up on the story. Seriously, God bless the doctors. I’ll repeat what I said then: let it sink in for a moment, that because of Israel there are kids who will grow up with their mother having died before they were even born. Kids who will never be held by their mother, who’ve never heard their mothers voice because of Israeli missiles - who will carry the scars of being born into the world a survivor, among the rubble of their own house, with their mother already dead.

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White people: the only race with natural blonde, red and brunette hair.

…that aren’t albino.

Oh wait what-

What’s that?

Ooh Africa and Asia??

And here’s the brunette, which actually could serve as a little redhead if you want.

Y’know, if you did your research instead of sitting on your ass being a shit racist bitch, then you would know that each and every redhead gene, or brunette or blonde gene is in everyone.

Also, you failed to even provide accurate pictures of Blonde, Red, and Brunette. The first one is black, blonde and orange (most likely dyed) and the second picture is well…a dingey nasty grey, dyed red hair and black.

Here’s a new motto

White race: The only collective amount of people with the same skin color that constantly try and oppress as many people as possible.

Now go be stupid/ignorant/racist somewhere else.

The only way they could have blonde or red hair, is they’ve got white in them somewhere down the line. Probably nordic, Nordics where bad people in the past. Other then that it’s impossible for non-whites to have blonde, red hair. If you see a black person with light skin and blue eyes and both parents are pure black, it’s because a gene of white was passed down, even if it was from 150 years back. Read about it, I have and I know my facts. Nice try though. ;)

It’s not impossible. Do your research. I did some for you.

Scientists find that blonde hair evolved separately 

This one’s from Stanford

Interestingly, contrary to popular belief, redheads weren’t just located in Northern Europe throughout history.  In fact, there were pockets of peoples all over the world that had red hair.  From Russia to China to certain groups of Jews and many others; there are even references to indicate there were indigenous peoples of Africa with bright red hair.

Well… agree to disagree, I’m not falling for it. I’ve read that it’s passed down by Caucasian genes. It’s like a 1 out of 10 chance for non-whites to have blonde and red hair naturally.

"I’m not falling for it" wow. That’s EXACTLY the problem, that mindset right there.

Some white folks will do the utmost of mental acrobatics to get their whiteness to be right all the time. Fact is… You evolved from blackness, science has shown that hair color is not specific to race. LAWD WHY JESUS!

Okay! For blonde hair even to be a possibility, the genetic potential had to be in those awful Black genes that actually started humanity.

"It’s like a 1 out of 10 chance for non-whites to have blonde and red hair naturally."


if you’re gonna make up statistics to support your racist shit at least make up ones that, y’know, actually support your racist shit

Does anybody still have that post with like a billion beautiful women of colour with natural red hair?